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Get a BBL without the BBL surgery

In an era of the bigger the better, the glutes are no exception! Butt if surgery is not for you and you prefer the all natural way this routine is a game changer! I will make this as pain less as possible to follow. This workout is designed to be done anywhere with just a few bands and a set of dumbbells! Your glutes are comprised of 3 major muscles and a tensor fascia lata (gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus) This routine will develop each of those and give that BBL look without the BBL surgery!


Dumbbell walking lunges 4x15 (each leg, moderate weight)

Dumbbell static lunge/ split squat 4x15 (each leg, moderate weight)

Barbell/ dumbbell bridges 4x15 (moderate to heavy weight/ band)

Banded side steps 4x15 (each leg, moderate to heavy band)

Banded pulse squats 4x20 (squeeze at the top, moderate to heavy band)

Banded clamshells 4x15 (do these lying on your side, moderate to heavy band)

Banded kneeling squats 4x15 (use light to moderate band)

I recommend for any area you are trying to heavily develop you train it 2-3x week depending on recovery. Always keep in mind the more time the targeted area is under tension the better. So squeeze HARD, take it slow and enjoy the ride! And feel free to reach out with any questions!


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